Cask Ownership

2016 Cask Offers

1784 Club

The Wash Act of 1784 considerably reduced the level of duty and simplified regulations as well as establishing a precise geographical ‘Highland Line’ which separated the Lowlands from the Highlands for the purposes of differential excise levels. The Act aimed to stimulate legal distilling in the highlands and to reduce illicit practices. Accordingly, lower rates of duty were applied to small scale distilleries north of this line. We have started the campaign to get this re-introduced for small distillers but meanwhile we are proud to be classed as a Highland distillery.

Strathearn have decided to start a cask ownership club which embraces the ethos and simplicity of the 1784 act. We are offering an opportunity to own your own cask of Highland Malt Whisky, held it in bond for a minimum of four years and then you will be able to bottle and enjoy your very own Malt whisky, and hopefully at a lower rate of excise duty!

The cask offering in 2016 will give you a choice of spirit in a choice of casks. You may choose between peated or non peated spirit filled in either a 100 litre ex-sherry cask or 100 litre virgin French oak cask. These casks will be limited and will be offered on a first come, first filled basis. Unfortunately once they are gone you will have to wait till 2017 or 2018 before the opportunity will arise again.

To register your interest and for full terms and conditions please email

1784 Club is £1784 per 100 litre cask.


2016 Cask Club

We are also offering a unique opportunity to anyone who would like to be a part of “Probably Scotland’s Smallest Distillery”

Our 2016 cask Club is straight forward and allows you to receive a guaranteed return once your cask matures. We are offering the opportunity to buy a 100 litre cask of our whisky and lay it down with us for four years. At the end of the four year period we guarantee to buy the cask back off you for £2500 plus a gift of six bottles of Strathearn Malt Whisky.

Your cask will be held by Strathearn Distillery under bond for the duration of its maturation. For full terms and conditions please email

2016 Cask Club is £2016.00 per 100 litre cask. SOLD OUT