Our Team

Tony Reeman-Clark
Founder of Strathearn, is the mad professor or now more fondly known as The Malt Maverick. Tony brings enthusiasm and new projects to every meeting. Much like Tony's 4 dimensions of gin, his favourite drink depends on the place, the time and the company and it's normally alcohol. His favourite movie would be Easy Rider probably accompanied by his guilty pleasure, a packet of digestives and a mug of coffee. Tony's ideal dinner guests would be people who enjoy good food, good drink and good company. It would be unfair to complete this bio without a mention of Tony's Hero, namely his wife Mandy, she has to be classed as a hero to put up with a husband who wanted to open a distillery.
Stuart McMillan
Distillery Manager
Stuart met Tony by chance on a training day in 2012 and that's when the seed was sown for developing Strathearn Distillery at Bachilton Farm Steading. An outgoing individual, Stuart likes nothing more than talking, and not always about the distillery. His favourite drink would be a Bramble made with Distillery Strength Oak Highland Gin and served in a fun environment. Stuart's favourite meal would be pizza with his daughter Erin whilst watching any Pixar movie - he owns them all. His ambition in life is to play the "Golden Bell", 12th Hole at Augusta National and his sporting hero is Severiano Ballesteros. If Stuart had a super power it would be the ability to stop time, then the rest of us may be able to keep up with his imagination.
Liam Pennycook
Head of Distilling
Liam "The Bearded Sage", wise beyond his years, owns the still house and brew house. Nothing used to give Liam more pleasure than to attain the perfect mash, but now as distiller, look out world here comes Strathearn Rum. Liam's ideal evening would probably involve Pyrat XO Reserve rum, Dolly Parton and The Matrix, we'll let you decide in which order. Liam has suggested he has a secret ambition but as yet we have been unable to ascertain what it is! Finally the "Sage" alludes to having probably the best Hero of us all "The person who invented Bacon", considering we do bacon roll Mondays at the distillery, we all agree he's chosen a great Hero.
Kenny Knox
Brewer to Bottles to Barrows
Kenny is the team's all-rounder. One day he will be looking after the brew, the next he will be managing our Christmas stall wearing his trademark flat-cap. His love of rugby and cycling combined with a wicked sense of humour fits right in.
David Hogg
Distiller and Master of Wood
David started at Strathearn as a visitor, then attended one of our Whisky Schools and always forgot something so he would have to come back and collect it; always leaving something else instead. With a real passion for whisky and distilling, David was a natural addition to the team when we needed a distiller.
Bella the Stripper
Wash Still
At just under 1000 liters Bella could be described as fat bottomed girl! She's been with us since day one and works tirelessly to strip alcohol from our wash to produce low wines. On occasion she has been known to get a little mucky whilst performing, that's when she's affectionately known by the team as "Bella the Dirty Stripper".
Wee Erin
Spirit Still
The smaller of our two girls, Erin is known for good taste, and a touch of class. As our 500 litre spirit still she brings finesse and flavour to the team. Never known for the speed of her work, Erin is all about quality not quantity.