Our Whisky

_ML48769-2Our first release of malt whisky cask 50-01 has now been released. The first one hundred bottles proved to be a huge success at auction and bottle #001 sold for £4150. The remaining bottles ranged in price from £325 to £525 and we were delighted that our “Friends of Strathearn” paid a record price for any inaugral release of 3 year old scotch, eclipsing first issues from Wolfburn and Kilchoman. The plan is now to release more casks throughout 2017, please watch this space for more details in the coming months.

Our spirit is matured in small octave size (50 litre) casks to give the whisky a traditional and distinctive flavour. By using either peated or non-peated malt and varying the type of cask, for example sherry, rum or bourbon, each batch of whisky will be totally unique. As whisky can only be called Scotch once it has spent a minimum of three years in an oak cask in Scotland, we still have to wait until the majority of our stock matures. Some has been released, and more will be available soon.