Unique Spirits

Uisge Beatha

This is not Whisky as you know it!


From Gaelic meaning “Water of Life” we have released six limited run Uisge Beathas. Each one has a distinct and unique flavour profile provided by a short maturation of either 28 days, 3 months or 6 months in a 40 litre cask. Each one of the Uisges will give you a unique insight into the story of whisky and how it was produced before the First World War – when the rules changed.

Small distillers on the West coast of Scotland, distilled malt spirit and stored it in small and varied casks. This was done for two reasons, one – it was easier to hide small casks from the tax man and two – there were numerous casks available. Everything from port, wine, madeira, brandy or salted herrings were transported by small casks. When empty they were filled with new make spirit and transported on horseback to the local watering hole. This gave an unusual and unique finish to malt spirit.

Our Uisges are aged in Cherry, Chestnut, Acacia, Pear, Apple and Mulberry wood to give a totally unique and old world finish to the new make. – It can never be Scotch.