Arbuckle’s Honeyberry Gin


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From Angus, the ‘Birthplace of Scotland’, a new super-berry is born…a health remedy in the Far East, a long kept secret in Siberia, this ‘grape of the north’ is settling in well to it’s new found home in Scotland – in fact, it’s never felt more at home. 

In the same way that the honeyberry is the product of a beautiful symbiotic relationship between plant and soil, a perfect local symbiosis between Arbuckle’s and Strathearn Distillery helps to craft every small batch of Honeyberry Gin. The gin is produced by Strathearn in a two stage process, the first being vapour infusion using our 500 litre pot still with a botanical basket, at which stage honeyberry is added as a botanical. Once distilled, this base gin is blended with fresh unpasteurised honeyberry juice. A double whammy of honeyberry, which gives the gin it’s full honeyberry flavour and distinctive purple colour. 

50cl Bottle at 40%ABV