The Connoisseur Experience

Following the same format as the gin lover experience the connoisseur goes into yet more detail. Hosted by both the distillery manager and distiller, this is a behind the scenes look at how we design and produce our spirits. Once we have covered all aspects of gin and you have created your own “signature gin”, we move onto the world of whisky.

We will start with our new make spirit straight from the still at around 70% to get an understanding of the malts we are trying to create. We then move onto a triple distilled variant to show the refining effect of a second spirit distillation on the flavour profile of the spirit.

Uisge Beatha is next; how whisky used to be. Our new make spirit is aged in casks similar to those that may have been available hundreds of years ago. There is a cherry, mulberry and chestnut finish for you to try.

Having tried a few Strathearn offerings, the special single malts are next. Malts that you probably won’t have had the joy of sampling before. These six or seven hand selected, limited release malts will take you on an educational and flavour filled journey. We finish with our own still strength peated malt spirit, a full mouth feel that will certainly remain with you long after the experience ends.

Like our Gin Lover Experience light “tapas style” nibbles will be supplied throughout the afternoon to ensure you don’t go hungry.

Cost £150 per person, generally with a maximum of 8 people.