Oaked Highland Gin


The gin is produced in a two stage process, the first being vapour infusion using our 500 litre pot still with a botanical basket.  Once distilled, this base gin is compounded with additional delicate botanicals to add more flavour and colour.

Oaked Highland Gin is where whisky meets gin – a smooth oaky gin with juniper notes, hints of citrus accented by vanilla and subtle smokiness. A golden colour helps to provide the disguise. Designed as an after-dinner gin, like a digestif to be sipped and savoured.Final Stamp Design

Each of our gins is truly hand–crafted and small batch with each batch producing only 280 bottles. Our gins are distilled with passion, crafted with skill and bottled with pride.


Juniper, coriander seeds, orange peel, lemon peel, liquorice root, rose petals, vanilla and the staves from American oak barrels.

Perfect Serve

In a rocks glass with a twist of orange peel and a cube of ice. A sipping gin, nothing else required. Alternatively, in a tall glass over ice with equal parts of fresh orange juice for the most incredible brunch drink – a “Gin Harvey Wallbanger”