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Strathearn Distillery has partnered with SINAPSE (Scottish Imaging Network: A Platform for Scientific Excellence) to create ImaGin, a Scottish craft gin which supports imaging research in Scotland.

SINAPSE researchers use imaging methods such as MRI, CT, PET, EEG, and ultrasound to make new discoveries about bodily structure and function. The SINAPSE network combines expertise that spans medicine, physics, psychology, computer science, and chemistry, from universities across Scotland. ImaGin celebrates the strong tradition of Scottish imaging research in a specially crafted gin distilled with botanicals inspired by imaging. Cranberries and watercress are natural sources of iodine, an element used in imaging methods such as CT (to enhance contrast) and PET (to locate areas of molecular activity). These iodine-rich botanicals are responsible for the unique sweet and peppery notes of ImaGin.

Distilled by members of both Strathearn and SINAPSE, every bottle sold will contribute a donation to SINAPSE.

50cl Bottle at 43% ABV

Postage and Packing also included.

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