The Distiller Experience

One Day Whisky School

Spend a day with us in Strathearn Distillery operating the stills. We’ll generally be producing a batch of low-wines from the wash still and running the spirit still for new-make spirit. If you are feeling energetic, you can help with the mash tun!

Cost £145 per person, with a maximum of 3 people.

Three Day Whisky School

The three day experience can be the most physical of the experiences if you really want to get involved. You will spend three consecutive days in Strathearn Distillery and experience the whole whisky making experience: from bags of malt to new-make spirit. You will experience everything that occurs in the one day experience but everything will be in much more detail as you have a day on each phase of whisky making.

Cost £390 per person, with a maximum of 3 people.

Five Day Whisky School

This is an intense whisky making experience and that is why we call it our Whisky Making School. Over a period of 5 full days, you will experience every aspect of the distilling process from mashing-in, to distilling by yourself to produce your own new-make spirit. All the surrounding processes such a cask filling, instrumentation

You’ll leave with your own 2 litre cask, an exclusive bottle of Uisge Beatha, a Certificate of Distilling and a toast to your successful whisky making. When you are on the Whisky Making School Experience, the distillery is yours for a week as you become part of the Strathearn team, spending time with the distiller, learning about the whole process.

The cost of the week long school is £840 per person, a maximum of 2 people.

For all Whisky Schools, please wear sturdy footwear and warm clothing that you don’t mind getting wet and messy.