Product Update

Dear Friends of Strathearn,

We felt it necessary to put out an open letter as the sharp-eyed amongst you have realised that many of our online products have disappeared from our virtual shelves and further to that, many of the products we have promised, have not materialised over the last six months.

We want to reassure all of you that, we are indeed still producing a vast range of spirits and coming up with pioneering products every day, affirming our reputation as the home of craft spirits in Scotland. This is something that will never change.

Despite our honest and innovative approach to craft spirit production, our local Food Standards department has taken exception to our product naming strategy. So for the moment, we have to bid farewell to our Scottish Cider Brandy, all of our Uisges and our peated and new make spirit as they do not meet Food Standards interpretation of European legislation. Further to that, the release of our Genevers, our Golden Rum, our Spiced Rum and our Bierbrande are unfortunately on hold as the classification of these products is also up for debate.

We have no option but to comply so for now, the spirits under question will be categorised under ‘Grain Spirit’ and a very extensive range of ‘Spirit Drinks’ from Strathearn.

Our loyal followers will always be the first to know when we finally get a wider, more national interpretation of the regulations, rather than local opinion. When this happens, we will relaunch the full disputed range, all in compliance with legal guidance and most importantly to us, ensure that each spirit will be appropriately named to reflect what is in the bottle.

Meanwhile, from all of us at the distillery, we want to thank you for your loyalty and supporting us on our journey to revolutionize the spirits industry in Scotland. No one said it was ever going to be easy and obstacles sometimes emerge from unexpected places. We do hope that the doors to our magic cupboard will be open soon, and again, apologies to anyone who was looking to purchase any of the above products. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands at this time.

So today, we raise a glass to all of you, our loyal fans who have supported us since the beginning. And we approach the future with optimism and motivation to bring your favourite spirits back to where they belong.

All the best,

Team Strathearn.

If your require any further information please email


Strathearn Distillery, near the village of Methven in Perthshire, is probably Scotland’s smallest distillery. We produce a range of spirits including hand-crafted, artisan single cask, single malt whisky by using traditional methods and ideas. We also distil a range of premium gins which are now widely marketed across Scotland and beyond.